Google: Are Title Tags A Critical Ranking Factor?

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Title tag is an HTML title element that remains as an important part of SEO Services. Being a critical aspect of SEO strategy and user experience, title tags is used to describe the topic and theme of an online document. Since it is the overall label for the content of a page, they have a significant part in influencing the people to visit your site. Writing keyword rich and optimized title tags is an integral step of SEO technique. Written for humans, but formatted for search engines, title tags improve usability and conversions of a site.

Recently, a new post “Google: Title Tags Are Not A Critical Ranking Signal” pointed out that title tags are not a critical factor. Google’s John Mueller quoted that title tag on the page is not as critical as the content on the page. If a page misses a title tag, Google can still rank it. But when content is missing, Google finds it difficult to rank the website. So the new post piqued curiosity of several SEO professionals and it turned to another hot debate. That is why it needed more clarification.

During a new Google Hangout video chat, John Mueller explained that titles are always important. They are important for SEO and it is used as a ranking factor. However, spending most of your time on tweaking and optimizing the title won’t be worthy. In short, if your SEO strategy revolves around stripping out all titles and rewriting them to include relevant keywords, then it is not going to increase your site rankings.

So yes, Google considers optimized title tags as a ranking signal and they are one hundred percent important. But of course, you can rank without using them.