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If your website has been loading slow and you have figured out that this is the primary reason for losing your online business; then you are reading the right blog. Yes, we know how frustrating it is to type your website domain URL on a browser and wait for several seconds and sometimes several minutes to have the glimpse of your first blocks on your webpage. This could happen due to a couple of reasons. It could be a non-responsive server which your server manager should be able to fix it or it could be due to a messy code with no modular view controller (MVC) architecture.

Why build websites using Laravel?

Laravel is your solution for fast loading websites. Laravel is scalable, supports fast page loading, secure and follows MVC architecture. Well as business owners some of these terms would be quite technical for you but let me assure you that these are the driving factors that will help you build a robust website that loads fast. With your website built on Laravel, you will have:

  • Fast routing engine
  • Multiple back-ends for session and cache storage
  • Powerful dependency injection container
  • Robust background job processing
  • Expressive, intuitive database ORM
  • Real-time event broadcasting.
  • Database agnostic schema migrations
  •  Restful controllers
  • Automatic pagination
  • IoC containers
  • Lazy Collection
  • And much more…

That listed, Laravel is accessible, powerful, and provides tools required for large, robust applications.

So what is Laravel?

Laravel in a nutshell is a PHP based back-end web app development framework that sits on the server side and can make your web development process faster, easier and full of fun.

Advantages of Laravel

  •  Easy to setup and begin
  • syntax is developer friendly
  • lots of built-in libraries
  • deployment on cloud such as AWS is easy
  •  It has powerful blade templating engine
  • inbuilt security and authorization
  •  robust
  • scalable

Disadvantages of Laravel

  • Slower than some frameworks
  • Built in support is less
  • Security features could be improved.

Did you know?

Some of the top websites that are built on Laravel include Disney hotstar, New York Times and Warner Bros.

Can I build websites using Laravel?

Well, Laravel is ideal for websites, eCommerce sites, web applications, content management systems, and more however it is best fit for complex web apps

Should I redesign my website using Laravel?

If you are having issues with loading time of your webpages, consider optimising images and other parameters. If it is still not helping then having a professional web development company analyse your website and coding structure. If it is to do with the codes, then rewriting of codes will help optimise your website pages.

While optimising your codes, it is important to upgrade to the latest technologies available in the market and with Laravel 10 which is scheduled to launch on February 7th, 2023. With this latest version, any code in userland generated by the framework will have type-hints and return types.

So, if your website is a web application such as

  • School and university or similar management system
  •  ERP Management System
  • E-Commerce Store
  • CRM System
  •  Custom web application

Then, you should consider a switch to Laravel based website development.

Conclusion: What next?

We have shared good information about Laravel in this blog and have highlighted how it will benefit you with a fast loading website.  Hire Dedicated Laravel Developers from Atlas SoftWeb to unveil the best features and functions for your web apps.

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