Few Steps to Make Your Magento Store 100% Safe

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Ecommerce is the next big thing sellers owing small and big stores have now gone online. Every businessman today thinks of owning a virtual store. Different eCommerce development platforms both paid and free are available to help you begin your online venture. But have you ever thought how come buyers trust these stores with their money especially when they are not seeing anyone on the other end?

If you have ever shopped from any such store then you would have already known the answer. However for those who haven’t done so it is because the platforms used for developing them and the payment gateways integrated assure 100% safety and security of buyer’s money. It is this reason why eCommerce has grown to this extent around the world.

Magento an expertly designed, developed and an open source eCommerce development platform has been widely used by store owners to create their online presence. It has been known to be one of the best in the niche however it has its own vulnerabilities. Recently researchers have found that if credit card scrapers exploit a small vulnerability of the platform they can release some bad code into the core files, this code gives the scrapers access to every post. Credit card scrapers can easily use this information wrongly to loot your buyer’s wallets.

This is in fact a big threat for all online stores developed using Magento at its core. But there is nothing much to worry about, as this is nothing new in the eCommerce world and experts have already found a solution to help you make sure that no unknown or bad code enters your store. When they will not enter, they will not attack and you will be safe.

First and foremost you need to ensure that your site is safe, that it is not infected. This is possible by having an open conversation with your teams. Focus on your password, don’t just select any password, for sites like these it is crucial that you have a strong password consisting of alphabets, numbers, and symbol. Also keep changing them regularly, using the same code for long makes it vulnerable. Limit remote access rights to safe IP addresses only.

Lastly be your own detective, keep checking extensions, logs and every activity happening in your store. Do not let any unidentified code enter your core and you will be safe.

Resource From: Setting the Record Straight