Father’s Day tribute to all fathers

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I would like to dedicate this post to all wonderful fathers, father figures and mentors who are doing their respective parts in solemnly touching lives and making this world a better place. Whether you are a working professional or a stay at home dad, we appreciate the great work you are doing and we thank you for being you.

No one can really explain what happens when you become a dad, it is such an extraordinary feeling and truly life changing. Being a dad is great and it is almost impossible to conceive the ways in which being a dad will affect you. There are many blogs out there trying to prepare you for your new role but no one can prepare you for the emotions that come with fatherhood. The same has been true for me. I had no clue that I was capable of feeling these new and heavenly emotions before I became a father. I never knew that being a dad would give my life a new purpose. In no time my children became my savior, in them I found an anchor that holds me down in this crazy ride we call life.

Parenting roles have dissolved. Dads are no longer considered to be only the bread earners of the family. We have to be strong to face the world and at the same time be gentle, kind and involved with our children. Being a working dad is difficult just as being a working mom is. I am proud to be a successful IT professional and an involved dad. The mixture is hard to achieve but I am happy I was able to do it. Having a family to go home to after work, witnessing my children take their first steps, kissing them goodnight; all these little events give a feeling of exhilaration that no materialistic pleasure can ever give. I feel being a dad has given me a new purpose and has changed the way I perceive success. Success for me is no longer limited to achieving certain benchmarks or making a name in my field. But rather I feel happier when I do something that makes my children proud. Success for me is becoming a good role model for my children. My long term life goals are no longer limited to seeing myself in a certain position, but rather they consist seeing my children healthy, happy, prospering and celebrating life.

To all the father’s out there in the world, we thank you for touching lives, be it the lives of your own kids, the people you have coached or mentored or at the world at large. We are aware of the difficulties you face and we salute you for being a great dad.

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