Face of Atlas 2019 – Adding personality to our brand

Face of Atlas 2019

Atlas SoftWeb organized a ‘Face of Atlas’ contest on the occasion of its 8th foundation day. The employees voted based upon the criteria of best traditional representation. With the maximum number of votes, Mr. Alex Christian and Ms. Tanvi Rathore won the ‘Face of Atlas – Male’ and ‘Face of Atlas – Female’ respectively.

A faceless business does no good to the firm. Every business needs a face that can represent the company. Atlas SoftWeb believes in celebrating all cultures and traditions, and over the years, it has also inculcated into the firm’s values. Face of Atlas is a person who would represent the organisation, connect with clients, resonate with the vision and mission of the organization. On the event of 8th foundation day of Atlas SoftWeb on 7th November 2019, a contest was rolled out to nominate a ‘Face of Atlas – Male’ and ‘Face of Atlas – Female’. Employees voted for their favourite contestant whom they thought as a perfect fit.

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