Expert Guest Lecture at Nirma University

Mr. Royson Rajan, Founder of Atlas Softweb Pvt Ltd was invited by Nirma University to deliver an expert lecture for the students of Computer Science and Engineering on 30th August 2017. Information Technology is a wide domain that extends from a simple data operation using Computer System to a complex program that performs BIOS level operations. Hence, Freshers in the field of Information Technology often face a conflicting situation of choosing one technology to further their careers in. The expert lecture, revolved around the various technologies involved in this wide domain and the skill sets required to have a successful career in it. The aim of the expert lecture was to help students get an idea about the technical skills and expectations involved in each technology so as to enable them to choose the best one for themselves.

Along with the Technical Skills, Mr. Royson Rajan also talked about the other skills necessary to achieve a successful professional career. These include, communication, continuous learning and more. Over all, it was a comprehensive lecture, which touched upon the current trends of the IT industry, open source technologies and tips to prepare for a successful professional career in the IT industry.

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