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Are you trying to get an estimated cost for designing a website? Ask Atlas SoftWeb for a free estimated website design cost.

The website design cost proposal from Atlas SoftWeb will simplify the process of determining your expenses, so you can budget for your website design project. It is important to know that designing a high-end custom website would cost more that working on an existing website where you just wish to change the layout. Having an e-commerce store would add another level of complexity and this would result in increased overall cost.

Website Design Cost Calculation Factor:

In order to price it right, we will need some specific information from you. Your responses will help our website relationship managers estimate your website design cost realistically.

What are you looking for?

Are you in need of a fresh website or a rework of your existing website? Websites are usually classified as static/informative, dynamic and content drive, corporate or business websites, one page websites and e-commerce. The basic pricing will depend on the kind of website you need.

Do you have your domain identity?

Before you begin with your website project, you need to have a domain name and a web hosting space. The domain name will be used to access your website ( and web hosting space is required to put in your web pages and the media files. (Hostgator, GoDaddy, Google Cloud)

How big is your website?

This is defined by the number of web pages on your website. Usually, they are grouped into 1-4, 5-8, 9-20, 20-25, and unlimited web pages.

A basic website is of 5-8 web pages while a small to the medium website would best fit in 20-25 web pages.

What all web pages do you need on your website?

A good website could include pages such as Home, About Us, Contact Us, Services, Career, Gallery, Product, Product Detail, Portfolio, Media, Testimonial, Clients, Enquiry, Get A Quote, Blog, Vision Page, Mission Page, Team, Faq’s, News, Events, Awards, Achievement, CSR, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Cancellation Policy, Case Studies, Industries, Sitemap and Complaint. Based on your business website requirements you can include or exclude these pages.

Any special add-ons for your website?

This aspect of web development includes any specific feature or functionality you need on the website. Features such as SEO-friendly website, on-page SEO, social media linking, popup-based inquiry form, dynamic banners, content writing services, management of pages, etc. Some advanced features also include adding live chat, call-to-action buttons, payment gateway integration, and other API integrations.

Finally, Which technology would you prefer?

Websites are built using different technologies including PHP, Java, Asp.Net, and even HTML. Atlas SoftWeb strongly recommends PHP-based websites. Our web technologies include PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, Node.Js, Laravel. With respect to database, we recommend MYSQL.

So how much does it cost to make a website?

The website design cost depends on the above factors such as the type and size of the business website, features, and functionalities implemented on the website, the number of pages you need on your website, and if these are to be built as a static website or dynamic website. So the cost will be directly proportional to the requirements of your business and can range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Now, that you know that the website development project may get expensive, it is important to estimate your website design costs first. Atlas SoftWeb can help you with free estimation for your requirements including static website, dynamic website, e-commerce website, custom website designing, custom website development, business websites, sales landing pages, one page websites, etc.

Website design costs provided by our business executives is affordable, competitive, and best in class. Now get an instant cost estimate for your website project with Atlas SoftWeb. It’s quick and easy. Follow these simple steps now:

1. Provide us with your basic information

2. Select Website Features

3. Select Website Services

4. Get Quick Website Design Cost.

Contact your Relationship Manager at Atlas SoftWeb now, for a free website design estimation.

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