Essential WordPress Plugins for your website in 2017

WordPress plugin

WordPress offers an array of features and flexibility that makes it very easy to build up a website and have it up and running in very less time. But it has missing core functionalities which make it essential to use WordPress plugins. With over 40,000+ WordPress plugins available in the market, here are a few of the widely used plugins, categorized according to functionalities:

Plugins for optimization

1. Google XML sitemaps: Indexing your website is an essential part of optimizing your site for search engines to recognize them. Google XML sitemaps create the necessary indexes for your site by preparing XML sitemap dynamically.

2. Yoast SEO: This is a favorite among the wordpress developers. Yoast SEO is useful to write archives, categories, meta-data, and title tags, all done without coding.

3. Link Patrol: Link Patrol helps you to control the quality of all the outgoing links from your site. It helps you to discard the spammy links, improve your site’s anchor text, recognize the good links, and monitor all the new links added to your site.

Plugins to ensure security

1. iThemes Security (formally Better WP Security): Many times, the admins of wordpress websites are unknown to the outside security vulnerabilities. iThemes security helps to identify the vulnerabilities and fix these loopholes to ensure better security for your user data and stop security breech.

2. All in One WP security and firewall: This plugin have a grading system that helps you to measure how secure your site is. It also offers to enforce the latest wordpress security practices in your website. It also provides incremental firewall support.

3. Akismet: There can be a lot of malicious comments in your websites. Akismet helps to filter out each comment one by one by comparing them with a global database of spams. It also provides a status history of all the spammed and unspammed comments; this helps the moderators to monitor the comments easily.

Plugins to help decrease the page load time

W3 Total Cache: This plugin helps to increase the web server download times so that the user can browse your website seamlessly. The page load times are decreased even during a heavy traffic period. Moreover, your overall site performance is increased.

Plugin to monitor your website

Google analytics by Monster Insights: This plugin helps to measure the outgoing data and track the internal links. It also measures the user demographics for you to track the number of users using different parts of your website.

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