Enhanced reporting system in Magento 2.0

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Enhanced reporting system in Magento 2.0

The businessman has been able to boost or increase their purchase because of the sound and secure Magento platform, which provided outstanding ability to create reports for product, service and also of customers. There are considerable differences in Magento 1.x and 2, so the businessman needs to be careful in reading and understanding the differences in order to avoid problems.

There are five types of Magento 2 reports
1. Sales Report: Sales report can be created for Tax, Shipping, Refunds, Coupons, Paypal settlements etc which are highly essential to maintain a smooth record of all the activities and more importantly of store sales.
2. Marketing Report: Magento 2 marketing report provides details regarding shopping carts, search terms and newsletter transmission.
3. Review Report: This report provides reviews of products and customers. The customer review provides a link to each customers review list and the product review provides the review list of each product used by the customer.
4. Customer Report: This is one of the most important reports which need to be paid attention to, including sales report because, through this report, you will have a better view of customer’s requirements.
5. Product Report: This particular report shows you the product name, top best selling and it also expresses the order quantity.

Let us have an in-detailed view about the sales report.

Magento provides seven selections of sales report.
1. Orders: Orders placed, cancelled, total sales, amounts refunded, tax collected etc are all included in the order.
2. Tax: Tax rule and rate, the amount of tax charged etc are included.
3. Invoiced: Orders and bills with amounts bill invoiced, paid or unpaid are included in this.
4. Shipping: Orders for carrier or shipping method, total shipping etc are included in this.
5. Coupons: Number of coupons used during the time including totals and sub-totals are included.

Rules regarding sales report management
Step 1: In order to run sales report, statistics should be refreshed. Choose ‘Store’ menu from ‘Admin sidebar’. In the Sales reports, select a report. Press anchor text ‘here’ to refresh the statistics.
Step 2: In order to get the report for time interval or date, filter reports can be set
Step 3: After the filter is set, click ‘Show Report’ to export the reports to CSV or Excel files.

Thus, through Magento 2, the online business store can be run smoothly and all the appropriate details can be provided to the business in order to ensure that all the activities are done in a proper and efficient manner.

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