eCommerce Post-COVID-19 for an U̶n̶c̶e̶r̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ Bright Tomorrow

eCommerce Post-COVID-19 for an U̶n̶c̶e̶r̶t̶a̶i̶n̶ Bright Tomorrow

Why is eCommerce so important for your business? In a bid to #FlattenTheCurve, many countries went into a lockdown and billions of people around the world were locked inside their homes. While COVID-19’s wind blows against several facets of the thoroughly knitted human existence, there are a few categories that have been blown due to the widespread disease such as food sector, travel and tourism, automotive industry, air transport and much more. Because of the pandemic, the whole company management structure is disrupted.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the behavior patterns of the customer’s buying process and it is likely to continue likewise for a longer time. And while several businesses are threatened to thrive in the near term, this situation also creates numerous opportunities. Bold and brave businesses that invest determinedly and in a regular manner in online store development are expected to emerge as Industry Leaders.

Did you know? 33.97% are currently running a discount or sale (excluding free shipping or email sign up incentives) to remain at the top of their game in the time of Coronavirus! (Source: Common Thread)

E-Commerce is the new normal for millions of companies that might not have had online sales on their charts before COVID-19. Our new normal consumption and expenditure patterns and new data shows that forms of eCommerce are growing in low contact. Stay-at-home restrictions will eventually be lifted state by state, but in the meantime, millions of customers are developing and improving new patterns and preferences to shop online. This crisis has defined “Digital transformation” in a better manner. Almost all industries like restaurant, clothing, groceries are engaging in low-contact commerce activities.   

60% EU consumers will continue shopping online at the same level after the outbreak. (Source: Zoovu)

In this article, we will examine the current situation and how companies need to adapt their ecommerce strategies to succeed after COVID-19.

Changes in Delivery Options:

Facing the lockdown and unforeseen circumstances buyers are moving towards online shopping for groceries, daily necessities, medicines and many other products. Research shows that there is a huge increase in the number of people shopping online in recent months due to COVID-19 outbreak. Buyers consider it more safe than just convenient to shop online. Also, the low- contact delivery option is winning peoples trust.

Cashless payments:

Not only the way of shopping but also payment methods are transforming. It is seen there is unprecedented boost during the pandemic in Cashless payments methods as consumers feel it is a cleaner way to pay. The payments modes which are safer and have strong protection against fraud activities are mostly adopted by users.

In a survey by Digital Commerce 360, 58% of online shoppers are expected to order more online in the future to reduce their exposure to the virus.

It’s a perfect time for entrepreneurs to migrate online to safeguard their future business, satisfy their customers and keep supply chains intact. In these changing times, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the customer experience. Businesses need to manage their digital interactions carefully and efficiently through all consumer touch points so that their business can thrive during these challenging times. 

None of us is sure about the experience of a physical shopping future, but what we do know is changing e-commerce trends will inevitably play a stronger role for business owners to grow and establish their brand in a much better and faster way.

Atlas role in e-commerce store facilities for companies:

Atlas SoftWeb is a web design and digital marketing company that enables businesses from across the world in broadcasting their message to their audience. We specialize in making intuitive and user-friendly websites and applications, developing digital marketing campaigns that hit the right audience at the right time, and curating branding strategies that will build enduring relationships with your buyers.

It’s time to enter your customer’s world, but on their terms. A more well-designed e-commerce module enables you to associate the traditional retail experience and high street points of sale with crisis-proof online sale platforms like smart-phones, web application or any other suitable digital platform according to your company. Not only do we help you in designing your web sites, but we also put ideas that are most trendy in the online world to the table.

Now is the groundbreaking moment. Now is the time to act on ecommerce!

At Atlas SoftWeb:

Easy to use, Creative Store Front End – We understand, prepare, communicate and deliver our services in the best market-friendly way to ensure that your brand is recognized quickly and effectively. We create new, innovative web stores, rich in look and yet easy to navigate web stores. Consumers prefer to buy simple, self-driven web stores which offer quick checkouts. Our Web designers for e-commerce are dedicated to designing competent, creative-looking websites with seamless user experience.

Responsive E-commerce Stores:

Different devices are now being used for visiting web stores like smartphones, tablets, mini-tablets, small screen laptops, iPads, and desktops. Our experts in web development analyze your requirements and concentrate on learning more about the possible client base and markets. We create intelligent websites that adapt to the user’s device, providing great user accessibility and browsing experience.

Mobile E-commerce websites:

Our affordable web design company expands your sales potential by developing mobile eCommerce websites in India. We extend your online business by integrating eBay, Amazon, and more to your web stores. We help you maintain a single central inventory and sell multiple channels.

Our only goal is to give you the best ideas, branding strategies and designs to make a worldwide name for your company. The Web Development services at Atlas SoftWeb in eCommerce include designing custom web shop layouts, setting up and installing open-source eCommerce systems such as CMS open-source Magento, custom Magento web design and development, managing and maintaining Magento stores and multi-sites.

Atlas SoftWeb offers the edge your company needs at reasonable rates, with an ROI that speaks for itself. We are proud of the services we provide that are at par and beyond with the industry benchmark!

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