Drupal 8.1.3 and 7.44 released.

The latest version of Drupal (8.1.3 and 7.44) is released. You will get following upgradation in the latest version.
1. Security Vulnerability: – Latest versions of Drupal (8.1.3 and 7.44) are released because of the security issues. You can find more information in the official security advisory: Drupal Core – Moderately Critical – Multiple Vulnerabilities – SA-CORE-2016-002 .

2. Changed log: – Both the changes in Drupal (8.1.3 and 7.44) are a security release only. To update them click on 8.1.3 release notes and 7.44 release notes. A complete list of all the changes in the stable 8.1.x branch can be found in the git commit log and for 7.44 version, the git commit log.

3. Update notes: – See the 8.1.3 and 7.44 release notes for details on important changes in each release.

4. Known issues: – See the 8.1.3 and 7.44 release notes for details on known issues affecting each release.

5. Security information: – Drupal has a security announcement mailing list and a history of all security advisories , and RSS feed with the most recent security advisories. We recommend Drupal Administrators to sign up. Also the latest versions of Drupal contain build-in update manager, which shows you important updates to be made to your module and themes.

6. Bugs fixing: – Both the versions are well maintained against bug fixes. And yet many more to come according to monthly release cycle.

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