DIY or Custom Website Design? How to build your company website

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As a business owner or a decision-maker, you would have to choose between a custom website or a template website. Of course, a template website would be a lot cheaper than custom website design, however here are some of the factors to consider while making this choice:

1. What is my budget?

Depending on the budget amount you decide, you choose a DIY website template. However, those come with a few limitations. But, many website design agencies which are in the same realm of expertise can help you build your website at the cost of your budget.

2. What is my time frame?

In a hurry? With readymade templates, you can achieve your aggressive deadlines. However, once the website gets life, there could be issues with its code and which could take up more time and result in unnecessary trouble wasting your time.

3. How much effort will I have to invest into this web design project?

As you always want the best when it comes to web design.; you should know the basics of website design, check out a few YouTube videos, go through the how-to-design-website-on-your-own guide.You can always consider DIY website designing if you are not too keen on learning these aspects of website design.

4. What is the competition I face online?

There are plenty of good-looking aesthetically appealing websites online that are way ahead of you. The design you choose has to be a step ahead of the competition. You surely don’t want your website to look like other hundred of websites online.

5. Do I have the time if something goes wrong with DIY website design?

What if something goes wrong with the design? This is a very common problem encountered by owners who go for DIY design. This generally leads to a lot of frustration and hair-pulling trying to solve the problem, with some people eventually bringing on an experienced expert to resolve it.

6. Do I know the basics of website design?

Basic knowledge of website design like a good understanding of CSS, knowledge of using colors for aesthetics, and fundamentals of website optimization is a must if you are going for DIY design.

7. Do you have a full understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a corporate website?

Designing & building a website does only half of it’s work. The major part starts after it is live and working on the internet. Are you ready for it?

What is DIY Website Design?

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website design involves a tool that helps you quickly build your website and its web pages using pre-built themes, blocks, and modules. Two well known DIY website design tools are WIX and Squarespace. Such tools charge you on a monthly subscription plan and offer you its editor to edit and manage text and images for your web pages. Here, the theme and layout design are pre-defined and you are limited to work within these defined blocks and elements.

What is a custom Website Design?

Custom website design involves the design and development of a website and its web pages from scratch. This process involves expert web developers and professional website designers. These experts design fresh concepts by adding features and functionality that are needed by your business. Custom website design needs more time for development and its costs are higher than the DIY website. Costs associated with this model are one time. You can opt for a website development retainer for maintenance and on-going development bases on your requirement.


For first impressions, third-party website builders may look great, make your website attractive and be cheaper, but they do not ensure a user-friendly website or SEO based website. These factors are crucial if you want people to buy your product or contact you to enroll for your services.

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Image Source: Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

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