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Atlas SoftWeb delivers diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytical solutions through its real time analytics services that helps businesses deliver focused online solutions and gain profit from the digital metamorphosis.

Why should my business be data-centric?

Success of any business is measured by number of sales, profit percentage, increase in number of customers or bottom line results. These are certainly the most important factors of growth. But does that complete the picture? Do you know who is buying your service or product? Do they tell you why and when you acquire or lose customers? Do they measure loyalty? Do these figures tell you what you require to stay competitive?

Strong business data analysis is the only key here!

  • You can segment your customers – Age, location, Shopping behaviour and so on.
  • It promotes product development – You can understand what your product/service lacks.
  • Allows your business to be agile – No more trial and error. You constantly adapt to the changes driven by data.
  • It allows you to innovate – You come up with new possibilities that bring in more customers and retain existing ones.
  • Better Website Optimization – By observing various factors like bounce rate, acquisition, and number of visits, the website can be optimized in a better way.

Grow Your Business By Choosing Us As Your Data Analytics Partner

Atlas SoftWeb offers data analytics solutions and data analytics strategy that assist results-driven entrepreneurs and marketing teams to precisely measure, track, and evaluate each marketing campaign including the business website. With our secure & safe data science and data analytics tools, our team of analysts can recognize patterns that obstruct or drive your business growth and performance. Our balanced and on-the-point marketing analytics services can improve your site conversion and save cost & time.

Using big data, Netflix saves $1 billion per year on customer retention. (Source: Source: Statista, Inside Big Data)

The Best Data Analytics Services

  • Ad Tracking & Measurement

    With the help of Google Analytics tool, and Data Studio, we discover which methodologies for marketing work and which ones ought to be changed or disposed of.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Understand your plus points and constructive areas through data and turn your website visitors into customers, without spending any more money on ads!

  • Custom Research & Analysis

    We are equipped with the right tool to cater to your varied data requirements. Be it In-depth competitor analysis or knowing about the marketing strategies of other companies, we can do it all!

  • Google Analytics Consulting

    Our certified Google Analytics experts can help you get started with the Google Analytics tool. Turn your data into results with our google analytic consulting services.

  • Website Analytics & Tracking

    Measure your website metrics through real time data. Our expert marketing analytics can track and unleash your website’s conversion rate, and help build strategies that turn up your conversion rate!

  • Data Studio Consulting

    Use the power of your data through customized and real time reports that encourage smart business decisions with our Data Studio services.

Hear What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Business Data Analysis Services

  • Evgeniy Kulish

    The team’s deliveries capably balanced quality and speed. Atlas SoftWeb was a dedicated and responsive partner that genuinely cared about the project’s success. Direct communication and minimal oversight enhanced the results.

    Evgeniy Kulish

    Director of Engineering, Educents

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