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An eCommerce site isn’t the same as a blog or informational site. It’s your business, and the site needs to be geared towards customers and fitted with business features if you want it to grow and succeed. Our e-commerce development services will help you manage your existing eCommerce business as well as help start a brand new store and need help, we’re here to answer your questions.

ecommerce development services

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We specialize in ecommerce development services and have the expertise and knowledge to create the best possible website. Learn how you can use these services to enhance your customers’ experience and make your business a success.

The days of brick and mortar buying is over, and the era of ecommerce has begun.

How an Ecommerce Site Differs from Other Sites

Blogs and other informational sites aren’t designed to make money. They’re there to provide information, but an ecommerce site sells products or services online.

Informational sites don’t have the same types of competition. They don’t need to understand how their visitors think and act. They don’t need to have a shopping cart or other business integrations.

Ecommerce sites must run smoothly and load fast if they want customers to stay and continue through the buying cycle and customer journey. These sites require strategy and programmers that can take on all needs and emergencies.

Ecommerce Development Services Cater to the Customer

It’s your business, but you’re not the person the website is designed for. It’s designed for the people who visit your site and buy your products. When creating an overall layout for the site, you need to put their needs first.

You may think that navigational menus, call to actions and product descriptions wouldn’t matter to your customers, but if the site isn’t easy to navigate then they won’t continue to visit the site and buy your product.

The movements from the first site visit to hitting the submit button for the sale should be seamless and drive your customers subtly to the shopping cart. Great user experience only happens through top-notch programming and design.

Mobile Traffic Drives Ecommerce Sales

When was the last time you used a desktop computer to look something up or order an item online? It’s probably been a while. Mobile search far outweighs desktop and your site needs to look great on both if you want to maximize your conversions.

How your site looks and navigates on various phone and tablet sizes can mean the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity. Mobile responsive design works by scaling your website to the size of the browser.

This guarantees no matter what they’re looking on, the website is optimized. We can create fast-loading web pages that use the latest technology and integrations to make sales and conversions easier.

What Ecommerce Framework Do You Choose?

Creating an e-commerce website requires many decisions. You need to create the site content; input the items you sell and choose an ecommerce framework. The framework is the nuts and bolts of selling items and services on your site.

It has the shopping cart, analytics, tax information, etc. There are many different frameworks from Shopify to Magento and the one that is right for you depends on your needs. Our programmers are experts in each platform, and we can help you choose the right one for your business website.

Our expertise extends beyond the platforms themselves and into the various third-party integrations that extend the framework’s capabilities.

Atlas SoftWeb has years of experience and worked with many companies to create the best websites based on the framework selected.

Good Ecommerce Sites Remember Their Customers

The needs of today’s’ Internet savvy customers are vastly different from just a few years ago. They expect everything quickly and to cater to their needs. Personalizing the shopping experience builds your brand in their mind and moves them closer to a sale.

We can provide product recommendations, sales promotions, live chat and other features that make their shopping experience one of a kind. If you have digital marketing such as Google Ads, remarketing and other features, we can help integrate them into your store framework.

Don’t let impersonal service turn your customers away. Show them they are more than just a number by providing personal services.

Customization Help Showcase Your Brand

Many ecommerce websites look nearly identical. That’s because they’re using basic templates that offer few choices for customization. This is something customers notice. We provide custom ecommerce development that features theme designing and premium template integration.

We’re knowledgeable in Drupal, WordPress, Magento and many more. Customization makes you stand out to customers and makes your website look amazing. There isn’t another out there like it and customers remember you and keep coming back for more.

Support is Always Available

Too many programmers and web design companies move on to the next project and leave you in the cold once the website is done. If something happens and you need help, they’re nowhere to be found.

We understand that you need time to understand how your website works and there is a learning curve. If you have any problems, we’re available to you 24 hours a day. Every second your website is down or not working properly costs you money and we’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Help from Beginning to End

Developing an ecommerce website from start to finish isn’t easy and you need a team that’s there from the beginning to the end. We’ll work with you to build and develop the site; help you make decisions on frameworks and other features. Once the site is live, we can provide you help marketing it on the Internet so you can start drawing in customers.

Start Your Ecommerce Business Today

Your business is important to you. You want it to succeed and thrive, but for that to happen you need a website that looks great, works perfectly and brings in customers. Our ecommerce development services are some of the best in the industry.

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