Content or Design – Which One First?

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As you plan to have your website built by a professional web development company, the foremost question you struggle with is where to being with? Ideally, there are two main elements in a website – Presentation and Substance.  The presentation is the design aspects of the website. The aesthetic look and adaptability of the views of different devices. The substance is the content that a visitor is going to read and gather information for the next course of action. So which one is important – Content or Design?

The design is a priority

For a programmer, his priority is the design aspects. The effort’s needed to convert the design from wireframe to pixel and from pixel to codes. A web developer feels that content can be tweaked into the web page by altering on the font style or the page length and hence is not too worried about it. It has been observed that design without content could become expensive. Your design may have the WOW factor but what good it is if the content does not fit in properly? Eventually, you would have to compromise on the content or the design ending up to an increased cost of development.  There are chances that a web designer would identify the website theme well in advance. This will leave the content writers with limited options and compromise on the quality of the content to tweak information into the design.

Content is that sells!

From a marketing perspective, your business developer and digital marketing specialist will need content. Content that is well positioned to grab visitor’s attention prompting him to click on the “Add to Cart” or “Inquire Now” button. Content is King! To sell your product or services, you need to speak about it, market it and share reasons why your visitor should buy it.

What does your customer want?

Your content is the reason users are visiting your website. By providing your visitors with the information they are looking for, you satisfy their need of the hour. Your visitor visits your website with a pre-determined requirement in his mind. He is on your website because he found from some source that you might be able to cater to his needs. For him, it is imperative that the information that he is searching for is quickly available [Content aspects] and it is pleasing to his eyes [Design aspects]. Your prospect has no time for reading long essays of information but is more interested in that “piece” of information that will address his requirements.

A visitor may be on wheels browsing your website through a mobile phone or could be relaxing on a lounge with his iPad or could be on his office table using a desktop. It is essential that your Unique Selling Points [USP] are well presented in order to facilitate a quick sales conversion.


The ideal case would be that both content and design team work closely during the website development phase with a slight edge to the content team. This is ideal as design can be tweaked as per content, making it more appealing. Your purpose of having a website to sell your products and services will be achieved by targeted well-written content. Your design will be the perfect icing on the content. You can definitely create a website that’s visually appealing and user-friendly by following the standard best web practices and having your primary focus on the content of the page.

Have you faced a similar challenge? Is your beautiful website not selling? Share your views with us. Our experts at Atlas SoftWeb will interact with you and address your concerns.

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