Closer look and feel for your e-commerce Magento store

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E-commerce or online shopping is the current trend of shopping. With retail companies coming up with special offers for online shopping, the craze of online shopping has got even more passionate. As a store owner, one needs to provide as much detail overview, look and feel of the product to their potential online consumers. This helps the consumers decide on buying a product online effectively. One such approach is to offer a virtual tour or 360 degree rotational view of your products to your consumers. With help of such rotational view of the products, one can get a closer view of the product from different degrees.

Recently one of our elite customer using Magento e-commerce wanted us to help them in setting up 360 degree rotational view for their products which would help their customers get a closer view of the product from different degrees. The challenge was to offer smooth rotational effect with the movements of the mouse as well as have it built dynamic so that all products in the database would show up the rotational respectively. Thanks to the SKU and Custom Attribute features in Magento that came to our aid. We used these parameters along with JavaScript to provide a complete 360 degree rotational view of the products. However customer had to arrange for a rotational table photo shoot to capture images of the products at every 15 degree.

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