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Blogs are a way we communicate with the world. Blogs are our expert discrete, informal diary-style views. Apart from the usual benefits of blogging, we publish blogs that are most relevant to our niche of audience, to educate everyone with the latest happenings of the digital world and to build trust and gain insight into what our customers are looking for.

why magento 2 is slow

Why is Magento 2 so slow and How to Resolve It?

Magento 2 Slow? Steps to Speed Up Magento 2 I used Magento 1.9 and it was okay. It wasn’t as

Magento Development

Magento 1 End of Life on June 30, 2020 – Are you ready?

Magento 1 end of life is in June 2020. How this will impact you and how you should proceed as a store owner and Magento user. Read more on how to upgrade to Magento 2.

Hire Magento developer

Hire a Magento Developer to Build an eCommerce Website

When it is about launching an online store for your business, the most important aspect is to choose the right


The Do’s and Don’ts of E-commerce SEO

The online marketplace is continuously evolving. New trends are constantly emerging in digital devices and channels and along with it,

TYLT Portfolio

TYLT Portfolio– Magento

About Tylt is a technology company that produces unique charging solutions and delivers revolutionary smart product accessories and solutions to

More and more Portfolio

More and more Portfolio – Magento

About More And More is a company based in Hong Kong which sells Men & Women’s CLOTHING ( COATS &

magento development company

Gourmania Portfolio – Magento

About Gourmania offers a complete new way of gifting. They hired Magento developers at Atlas to build their online store


Ballbeauty Portfolio – Magento

About Based in Los Angeles, Ball Beauty is an online lifestyle store which sells grooming products, cosmetics and makeup products,

The Only Alice – Magento

The Only Alice Portfolio– Magento

About The Only Alice is an online fashion store rooted in Hong Kong. Their main products are apparels, bags, shoes,

Jade Fur portfolio - Magento

Jade Fur portfolio – Magento

About Yumao is a Korea based fashion company which specialises in the sale of Jade fur, Mink and Leather. Its

Bueno Meditech – Magento

Bueno Meditech Portfolio– Magento

About Bueno Meditech is a company based in Korea which sells grooming, cosmetics and makeup products which are made by

Working with Magento, Varnish and Turpentine

Working with Magento, Varnish and Turpentine

What is Varnish and Turpentine? Also known as “caching HTTP reverse proxy”, Varnish can increase a website’s speed while simultaneously

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