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About Numidan

Numidan is an innovative baby clothes subscription business. It is a subscription based newborn baby clothes rental website. It was founded to address the need of newborns’ parents having to shop regularly for baby clothes that their child will soon outgrow. At Numidan, they believe in a sustainable circular economy. They periodically deliver high-quantity 100% cotton clothes for all the growth stages of the baby, and accept the outgrown clothes in return! It has made buying newborn baby’s clothes convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly!

Our Challenges

For what projects/services did Numidan hire Atlas SoftWeb?

Numidan hired us for Web Development, SEO and Speed Enhancements.

What were the client’s goals for this project?

The client required the website not just to be state of the art in terms of look and feel, but also in terms of functionality. They were in need of a complex booking and order system.

Final Takeaway

How Atlas SoftWeb was the best fit for this project?

The client had a list of a few web development companies, and interviewed all of them. Ultimately, the client felt that Atlas SoftWeb had the knowledge, time and understanding to see the project through.

Describe the project and the services Atlas provided in detail.

The project consisted of a total rebuilding of the old and original website into a brand new, good looking website, with excellent control and functionality. This encompassed everything from UX/UI to custom plugins being built for complex payment management.

What was the team composition?

The project team had 6 individuals including the client. There were developers, designers, SEO team members and account management staff.

Results & Feedback

What was the impact of this project in the business? 

The client shared that having the website up and running as it is now, is a huge success. To have an idea come to life the way it did put their business in great stead to take on the world with their new idea.

How was project management arranged and how effective was it?
We had assigned a dedicated project manager who was in contact with the client daily. Any questions or issues we faced were dealt with promptly. The client mentioned that it was a very good setup!

According to the client, what is the most impressive thing about Atlas? 

We took many calls, did numerous discussions, had meetings – at all hours. The client was impressed by the fact that we put in so much time and effort in the first phase of brainstorming. The technical skills of our skilled WordPress developers and SEO experts were some of the best he had come across.

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