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Website redevelopment for Nirma University!

About Nirma University

Nirma University needed a website to update the brand and its online presence. The site was to be designed to reach out to prospective students and faculty and to meet and fulfil the existing needs of Nirma University.

In addition, Nirma University needed an easy-to-manage website whereby the text, images, and new pages are generated. Nirma University believes that the secret to this project’s success is developing a web development center on site in partnership with a web development company that understands its brand.

The Subject

Nirma University is ranked among the top best 50 private universities of India. Nirma University offers you the chance to effectively apply and practice your skills and learn in state-of-the-art labs, collaborate with industry experts and finally develop as a professional person specializing in any core field of your choice. Nirma University is one of the most sought-after universities, and it is recognized as the leading educational hub in the region. In addition to an excellent learning experience, one can also enjoy numerous activities organized by the Institute such as national hackathon competitions, numerous tournaments, cultural and social activities, etc. Many of the graduates get a placement with the highest salary package from well-known recruiters. They have been leading students to make great higher education decisions and shape the career choices of India’s next generation of leaders.

Our Challenges

The competitive environment facing all organizations pressured many to select approaches that would increase organizational performance and effectiveness. Re-development is one of the tools used to implement changes in efficiency, cost control, and asset management.

Our client decided to redesign their website, they decided a website that would give a compelling multi-device user interface and provide a simplified admission process. They also decided to enhance the current design of the website, refine its layout and the User Interface.

Hence, Atlas SoftWeb was invited to work on a plan that would result in a high-quality website for them.

Final Takeaway

Atlas SoftWeb was in discussion and reached an understanding of establishing a web development center at Nirma University by deploying one of its full-time staff on campus, backed by its expanded back office team. Atlas SoftWeb also acknowledges the need to recognize likeminded faculties and students and create an in-house team that will be able to handle the website on a daily basis.

Atlas SoftWeb collaborated with them on redesigning and redeveloping their website with a specific emphasis on ensuring that users are directed to college information and courses they are searching for.

Following several discussions and demonstrations, it was decided that the proposed website will be developed using WordPress, a powerful content management system, to meet the needs of Nirma University for ease of website content and page management. The WordPress apps and advantages are available at

The platform was designed in WordPress. Additional features of the website included a custom WordPress plugin that was created to include information about college catalogs within the website. Our web development team chose a mobile responsive design that could adjust and automatically update to the size and shape of different smart devices to make the website easily available on smartphones and portable devices. This makes it easier to browse the website with all of its features also available on smartphones.
The design of a website consistent with their identity is crucial for any institution, hence our improvement is in such a way that would keep their identity intact. While working with Nirma University our emphasis has been on combining professionalism with a positive work ethic. We were delighted and happy to help our client update their website.


Since the website was launched, its feedback has been enormously positive.
Our research and work have provided full accessibility and user experience to the website.
The site runs on WordPress and has loads of delights packed underneath the roof that can expand WordPress in whatever direction one’s imagination takes.
The updated website has an increased number of daily visitors and within a short time frame, it has fairly attracted a great deal of traffic.

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