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About The Client

Brian Allen is a real estate broker for the Brewer Realty Group. Brewer Realty Group was started in 2013 and is located in Durant, OK. It is a local company with local roots and great knowledge of the Real Estate industry in Durant and the surrounding areas. They work as real estate professionals and assist buyers in finding their dream home, listing their property, or finding investment properties.

Executive Summary

Atlas SoftWeb worked with Brewer Realty Group as their web development partner. Brewer Realty Group started working with Atlas SoftWeb in 2011. Since our partnership, we have worked with Brian over many platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and CSS and have coded effectively to make a highly responsive website.
Recently, we created a professional looking real estate website with excellent software integrations. What’s important is, the website is connected to a real estate exchange network with multiple listing services. This functionality features properties on the home page and populates them in real-time as they become available. Other than handling the design and development, we also did SEO to increase the traffic on the website. While most of the blog content was written by Brian, we managed the metadata and backlinks.

Our Challenges

Brewer Realty Group needed a development firm that could quickly build websites and provide updates as needed. As we did an analysis, we found that the website needed:

  • Reduction of 404 errors in Google WebMaster.
  • Improve functionality and usability.
  • Effective website design to attract more leads.
  • Regular updates & development of the website platform.
  • Increase Potential traffic.
  • Help convert traffic to leads by filling out a sales form.

Final Takeaway

Atlas SoftWeb delivers exceptional websites that facilitate customer engagement. We built a dynamic website and integrated it with WordPress. Effective use of SEO techniques generates exponential web traffic growth.

  • Customized and insights-driven home page with the functionalities buyers consider vital when they visit a real estate company
  • Unique design focused on the branding of the Brewer Realty Group and the company goals.
  • Connecting the website with real estate exchange network with multiple listing services
  • Populate the properties real-time when they become available.
  • Optimization of the website to increase leads.
  • Regularly Update metadata and backlinks.

Hear it from Brian

What was the scope of Atlas SoftWeb’s involvement in your project?
Atlas SoftWeb essentially functions as our web development department. They’ve built a variety of websites for us over the years using WordPress, Joomla, and CSS. I’ll usually design the sites and provide them with frontend mock-ups. They perform the actual coding and build out each platform.
They recently developed a sophisticated real estate website for us that required significant software integrations. Most notably, the site is connected to a real estate exchange network and multiple listing service. This functionality features properties on the site’s home page and populates them in real-time as they become available. Their other responsibilities include assisting our SEO efforts. I write most of the blog content myself, but they manage our metadata and backlinks.

What was the team composition?
We primarily work with Royson (Founder, Atlas SoftWeb) and a project manager. However, we’ve interacted with four resources in total.

How did you come to work with Atlas SoftWeb?
We’ve worked together for a long time now. I first met Royson by networking when I owned my own business. We got to talking and started working on projects together. Our relationship evolved from there.

For how long have you been associated with Atlas SoftWeb?
Brewer Realty Group hired them in 2011.

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?
Their SEO campaign improved our web traffic by 378% in a single month. Specifically, their efforts increased the number of monthly visitors to our site from 450 to 2,201. Our clients are absolutely enthralled with the look and feel of the website Atlas SoftWeb produced. I use third-party software to safeguard against bugs, but they backup our sites in case of a crash.

How did Atlas SoftWeb perform from a project management standpoint?
Royson has several project managers on his team but often oversees our project directly since we’ve worked together for so long. However, he’s allocated another senior manager to supervise the resources working on our SEO campaign. We’ve used project management tools in the past, but 90% of our communication takes place via Skype. I also reach out to them with emails quite a bit. They issue multi-page work reports to us each week that track our successes. Our other tracking documents include a keyword ranking report, a search engine submission report, a directory submission report, a profile creation report, and a local listing report.

What did you find most impressive about Atlas SoftWeb?
I appreciate their ability to overcome communication barriers. The real estate industry moves quickly, so smooth communication is crucial to a project’s success. Royson is able to teach his team how to interface with clients from the United States. They’re on top of emerging technologies, quality assurance, and offer competitive pricing. A lot of people can build websites, but I prefer to work with Atlas SoftWeb because of their commitment to customer service.

Do you have any advice for potential customers?
Outline the project details and communicate your end goal. Assuming both parties come to an agreeable price, they’ll be able to deliver results.

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