Brief on How to Build Websites in WordPress

How to create a wordpress website for beginners?

Have you always wanted to have your own website, but have always shied away from the idea just because you do not have the technical skills needed? How about having a platform which can help you create your own web space, though you do not have any knowledge about these things? No, it is not a joke, but for real, for now you have WordPress loaded with plugins to help you start almost immediately.

Reading this, the first question that would come to your mind is what is WordPress? Well the answer is quite simple, it is an open source web development platform, allowing people with no or limited technical skills to create their own website or blog. It is more like a community where experts contribute to make the platform better for you. The community also helps you in case of question or doubt.

Second question is how to begin or how to build websites in WordPress? Again the answer is easy. You just need to follow some steps to finish with your web development task. Of course it is not as easy as it sounds, so be prepared for some hard work. However before you even start your work on the platform you will need a domain name, a name by which your site will be recognised online.

Once you have your domain name download the latest version of WordPress and install it into your host. After this comes customization of your website, that is you need to decide the theme, look and feel of your site. You can either choose a free theme or opt for a premium customized theme. You can easily add features by using different WordPress plug-ins. Deleting the features is also easy, simply disable the feature that you do not need.

It is so simple, yet a little tricky. Wherever you get stuck you can always refer site and find help. All the manuals, descriptions and instructions here are well designed and extremely useful.

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