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Only writing an engaging blog won’t help you to gain attention. Reaching out to the mass and promoting yourself takes more effort than scribbling the blogs.
Marketing to the right audience, through a right channel is very important. Link building strategies are way in the past, linking back to your site from authoritative bodies adds much more value to your link.

Influencer Marketing
Another important aspect of blogger outreach is by connecting with the most helpful influential bloggers to provide back links for your blog and referrals on the social media. There are 3 such types:

The ones that are big shots. These are the people who have thousands of followers and who would be really hard to connect with, unless you have something really unique or have very good luck with you.

The ones that are not as big, but not as small either. These people are not that famous but still have enough followers to keep them occupied and less interested to hear from you. You can catch hold of these people by emails and you can create value for yourself by asking them to critique your work.

The ones that are just starting to gain attention. These are the people who will respond back to you and can help you with a win-win situation. These people are the ideal bloggers for your outreach.

If you want people to respond, you have to think what is it that the other person stands to gain if he is likely to promote you? Research and let them know why re-blogging you or referring to you will help them. Show them something unique and of great value.

One of the effective ways to have people refer you is when you refer them. Use their quotes, or link them in your blog to let them know that they stand to be well recognized if they promote you.

Provide something to catch their attention. If you give them a proof about how your work have been received in terms of likes, re-tweets, positive comments, then the influencers will find a value to your link and would like to take it to a further level.

Personalization is important. Make it a point to add something with your outreach message so that it clearly states that you know them well.

Thus, know why you need to outreach, know who are your ideal influencers, and know exactly how to approach them to get value from them and reach out to your target audience in a short span.

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