Best Measures To Secure Your Magento Website

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Ecommerce growth has been phenomenal in the recent years. Rapid advancement and surging popularity of internet applications and mobile technology have contributed to the rise of ecommerce shopping. And at the same time, malware attacks are also on the rise. Virus attacks, threats, security breaches and spoofing have become a nightmare for the online retailers. Attackers are continually developing and launching new ways to steal the confidential and highly sensitive data of the consumers. It has never been more critical for the e-retailers to build a secure and sound web store.

In most cases, attackers often take advantage of the existing loopholes of a website. For instance, it includes unpatched vulnerabilities, weaker passwords, permission settings in the file system and more. What are the best measures you can opt to ensure the highest level of security for your Magento ecommerce store? Let us take a look at the following suggestions.

  • Create strong passwords for your Magento store. Never use the same password for any other personal accounts or social networking accounts. Change your passwords often, at least every 90 days (as recommended by PCI Data Security Standard). Check your password lifetime setting by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • a.) Magento 2.x: Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Password Lifetime set to 90 days (default setting)

  • b.) Magento 1.x: System > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Password Lifetime set to 90 days (default setting)

  • Make sure to keep your Magento website up-to-date. Magento often releases security patches and updates. Hire a qualified Magento developer and get your website upgraded at the earliest. Additionally, you need to install all the patches and fix up the vulnerabilities immediately.

  • Subscribe to Magento security alerts by signing up at It will let you stay tuned with new version releases and security upgrades.

  • Get your ecommerce store scanned on a monthly basis in order to detect malware and to identify security patches. You may avail this service on at free of cost.

  • Review all of your Magento store admin user accounts and remove the users that are no longer valid or active. Performing such reviews every month will help you have a complete control over the system.

  • Check and confirm whether the system file permissions are set according to Magento 1 and Magento 2 file permission guidance. Misconfigurations in the permissions may create vulnerabilities and it opens up weak spot for the attackers.

  • Check whether your system runs any unauthorized programs. For example, look for the processes performing any sort of key logging functions and unnecessary processes.

  • Implement Magento Security Best practices for your business.

If your site comes under an attack, then reach out to your solution partner or partnered Magento Development Company to get it fixed. Companies offering information security services can clean up the malicious codes, install the missing patches and update all Admin passwords. You may also report the technical details regarding any specific vulnerability to [email protected]

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