Atlas Softweb Launches Photo Tagger App

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Mobile phones have become smart. Nowadays, it is not just a tool to communicate; rather mobile phones play a key role in our personal and professional lives. Whether it is to find directions in unknown region or experience a new level of entertainment, smartphones can prove to be a great help. Phones have become so advanced that you don’t have to bother about carrying the heavy weight camera along with you. Mobile phone cameras with higher resolutions and clarity ensure to offer you most amazing snaps. In fact, newer iPhones and android devices are offering cameras with picture quality as good as many stand-along digital cameras. Editing tools available with the smartphones make the modification much easier. So if you are the one who loves to click every special moment, then you might find it difficult to organize, tag and share the photos. That is why you need to install the best photo management apps on your smart phone. Atlas Softweb has launched Photo Tagger – a useful and unique app that makes your photo organizing, tagging and sharing easier like never before.


Photo Tagger is a perfect photo organizer for all your photos on your mobile phone. You can create different categories to organize your photos. When assigned to a category, it will be easy to locate the picture. No matter where you store the images, Photo Tagger app let you find the picture quickly. All you need to do is assign the image to a specific category. Another appealing feature about this mobile app is tagging. You can add one or more tags to your photos so that it would be easy to arrange and search it. Images with the same tags can be viewed together which negates the need of changing the albums in gallery app. So you can just watch all the related snaps together without the hassle of searching each image in different albums. You can download Atlas Softweb’s Photo Tagger app through Google Play Store. So, just give it a try, you are going to love it!

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