Atlas SoftWeb Celebrates 10th Foundation Day

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Every year, Atlas’s Foundation Day is the highlight of the company’s social calendar, when the entire staff gathers to commemorate the company’s past and current achievements

On November 12, 2021, at Silver Cloud, Ahmedabad, the most joyful time of the year came back as Atlasians revelled in to celebrate the 10 magnificent years of success. 

The 10th Foundation day celebration party, where the entire staff, along with their families, gathered together for an incredible night of fun, laughter, fantastic food, and dancing, had been widely anticipated for about a month. Throughout the occasion, everyone was able to enjoy themselves, thanks to the meticulously organised preparations.

Atlas SoftWeb’s 10th Foundation Day Celebration

The enchanting environment elevated spirits and resonated with the team’s happy attitude as they walked inside Silver Cloud’s wonderfully adorned banquet hall. 

The celebration began at 6.30 PM with welcoming our chief guest, Professor Sudhir K. Jain, Director, IITGN, and our distinguished guests, Mr. Nirmal Jha (Advisor—Industry Partnerships, IIT Gandhinagar), Dr. Anup Singh (Director General – Nirma University), Mr. G. R. Nair (Executive – Registrar, Nirma University), Fr (Dr) Lancelot D’Cruz (Principal, St. Xavier’s College – Ahmedabad), Dr (Fr) Johnson Mundupuzhakal S.J (Vice Principal – St. Xavier’s College – Ahmedabad), Mr. James Kurian (Commissioner of Income Tax – Ahmedabad) and Pastor K David (Minister in Charge, The Pentecostal Church of God, Ahmedabad). 

The celebration commenced with a traditional prayer song, followed by a cake-cutting ceremony to commemorate Atlas’s 10 incredible years. The Foundation day cake is cut by the newest employee and the oldest employee of Atlas. It’s a ritual that we’ve been following at Atlas since our inception! 

It’s been a long journey of 10 years, but if we look back, it just seems like yesterday that we started in a 200 sq.yard room with 2-3 people in the team. But, when you’re having fun, you don’t notice how quickly time passes. This we realized when we saw our timeline video. The video is everything Atlas represents – a family-centric organization and a preferred IT partner of several Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across the globe. 

Atlas SoftWeb has been in business for ten fantastic years, with the goal of providing world-class digital services. At our 10th foundation day celebration, our director, Mr. Royson Rajan, addressed the entire team and their families, thanking them for their achievements and encouraging them to enjoy the moment. Through his ‘Decennial Report,’ he showcased the journey of 10 years, what we have achieved, and the values we have built as a company. He went on to talk about how we are aligned to the vision that we had seen last year. We had talked about building a marketing and sales team, for which we developed a business center, which would help the team be more focused on their work and goal. We wanted to grow technologically, which we did by taking up projects in new arenas like AI, NodeJS, Angular, and Laravel technology. He added that we even grew infrastructure-wise by inaugurating our new Atlas cafeteria, fondly known as ‘Gajju ka cafe.’ 

In the last 10 years, Atlas has imbibed four facts that make us what we are today – employee-centric policies, on-time salary, value-first & constant upgradation in terms of technologies. 

Through his report, Mr. Royson reflected on four key values that we take care of with every project, 

Innovation – Something new has to happen. 

Quality – Never compromise on quality, even if that means stretching another day. 

Value-creation – It is not just about earning money but also about delivering something of value to the clients. 

Teamwork – It has never been one person responsible for our success today. It has taken a team to reach here! 

He ended the annual report presentation by announcing our vision for the next 5 years. That is, to double the team size to give more IT solutions. Grow in trending technologies like NodeJS, Angular, Laravel, and AI. We wish to launch a product which would be more into BI. In the next two years, we will expand ourselves into different centers outside Ahmedabad and Gujarat.  

After the report presentation, Professor Sudhir K. Jain unveiled the special edition 10th Foundation day coffee table book. This book represents what Atlas SoftWeb is all about, how far we’ve come, and where we want to be in the next few years. It is a testament to our hard-working team, clients, and everyone who helped the company reach this far. 

Rewards & Recognition at the 10th Foundation Day 

The Foundation day is an excellent occasion to recognise and thank team members for their outstanding contributions. The evening’s most anticipated event was the Awards & Recognition Ceremony, for which numerous team members were recognized in each category.

The Awards & Recognition Ceremony featured a variety of exciting categories, including:

Star Performer – Awarded to a person who always exceeded the expectations of clients and staff members. 

Creative Star – Awarded to a person who gives ‘WOW’ designs and showcases creativeness in work. 

Highest Revenue Generator – Given to a person who has generated maximum revenue by working on several projects single-handedly. 

Versatility Excellence – Awarded to a person with the ability to adapt to different technical domains. 

Key Contributor – Awarded to a person who has keenly contributed to the success of several projects. 

Rising Star – This goes to a person who has started to do well and who the organization thinks will continue the progress and exceed consistently. 

Black Horse – Awarded to a person who has surprised us with their excellent work in the most unexpected manner. 

Making A Difference – This is awarded to a person who has made a difference in the team and has contributed well at all times. 

Quinquennial – This loyalty award is given to people who complete 5 years in the organization. 

Sales Excellence Award – Awarded for maximum sales & profit in the year 2021

Lead Generation Excellence Award – Awarded for the maximum number of leads converted to profits 

Employee Of The Year 2021 – The ‘all-rounder’ employee of Atlas. 

These awards uplifted everyone’s spirits and kept the celebrations going throughout the entire event.

Words of Wisdom from Chief Guest & Other Dignitaries

We were all due to hear a few words of wisdom from our chief guest, Professor Sudhir K. Jain. Through his speech, he gave his example of how he learnt the importance of a culture at a fairly advanced age. He mentioned that what survives an organization is its culture, how people deal with each other, how they react to each other and clients. Professor Jain was happy to know that Atlas, from the start, has laid the foundation based on its culture and being employee-centric. 

Our distinguished guest, Dr. Anup Singh, Director General of Nirma University, talked about how well Atlas did with Nirma University’s new website and how it could increase the admission percentage through its digital marketing activities. Mr. Royson Rajan is an alumnus of the Institute of Science and Technology, Nirma University. So, Dr. Anup added that along with having a teacher-taught relationship, they also have a business partnership with Atlas. He ended his speech by congratulating Atlas for its achievements. 

Next, we invited Fr (Dr) Lancelot D’Cruz, Principal, St. Xavier’s College – Ahmedabad, to speak on stage. We were amazed by how he came up with the 3Ps that we do not talk about – Pride, Profit, and Pressure. He said that in his dealings with Atlas, they have always focused on what the client wants rather than how much they are getting paid. There is no pressure for work, which is why the work culture is so incredible. And there is no pride they show off; hence, Atlas is so successful today! He concluded his speech by bestowing us with his blessings. 

Moving forward, we invited Mr. James Kurian, Commissioner of Income Tax – Ahmedabad, to share a few words with us. He quoted a few verses of the Bible and shared that they have come this long due to humility and by doing the right things. He congratulated the directors and staff for 10 glorious years of hard work and triumph. 

Atlasians Unleashed Their Creative Talents

The internal performances by team members were the event’s high points. With freestyle dance performances, talented Atlasians demonstrated their dancing abilities. The funky tunes and the enthusiastic group dance performance inspired everyone to hit the dance floor, sway, and celebrate harder. 

As visitors relished wonderful snacks and dinner, the lovely aroma of food filled the entire arena. It was a joy to see everyone having a lovely time and sharing hearty laughter throughout the event. The entire atmosphere of the celebration reflected Atlas’s upbeat corporate culture, in which everyone is treated equally and has the flexibility to pursue their passions.

The memories of a fantastic Foundation Day celebration would be ingrained in the hearts of Atlassian’s for the rest of their lives, as they look forward to repeating past accomplishments with even more zeal. 

Did you attend the 10th Foundation Day of Atlas SoftWeb? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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