Atlas SoftWeb celebrated 8th Foundation Day of Global presence

celebrated 8th Foundation Day

Atlas SoftWeb celebrated its 8th Foundation Day on 7th November 2019. On this very special day, the company organized an award night to award & reward those employees who have continuously put in their dedication to make Atlas SoftWeb what it is today.

This day marks illustrious eight years of global presence. Atlas SoftWeb has surfaced as one of the most exceptional web designs, website development, and digital agency. With the immense support and efforts put in by the hard-working team, Atlas SoftWeb has been able to build a huge clientele across the world. It’s a brand that started as a start-up and has been growing ever since!

Atlas thrives on the motto of maintaining a balance between social and work life. So, when it comes to work or party, they leave no stone unturned.

The award night began with the welcoming of our honorable chief guest, Mr. Dr. Jaison A. Manjaly. He is the Jasubhai Memorial Chair Associate Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar. He was a former Dean of Student Affairs and currently heads Alumni relations at the institute, along with co-ordinating the Humanities & social sciences discipline. He researches in the areas of curiosity, embodied cognition, and moral decision. He has multiple academic publications on these subjects too. Currently, his focus is ‘Curiosity’ to address epistemic inequality in India. He also takes a keen interest in student affairs, education & politics of knowledge. It was an honour to have him as our esteemed guest for the night.

The celebration began with a beautiful song performed by Ms. Bejini and Mr. Jerin, followed by a cake-cutting ceremony. It is a ritual that at every cake cutting ceremony on the foundation day, the cake is cut by a member who has recently joined Atlas and a member who is the oldest in the system. So, this time, it was Mr. Bibin Mathew (Recent employee) and Mr. Chirag Modi (the oldest employee).

It was a day to have fun, so the Business Development team came up with a fun skit called ‘The Journey to the Cubicles.’ The skit was a representation of an employee’s journey from their first day of college to an office cubicle. It was hilarious and so relatable.

A year can change a lot of things, be it on a personal forefront or professional. Hence, Atlas took this opportunity to reflect on the progress it has made in the last year through the Atlas Annual Report Presentation presented by our co-founder, Mr. Royson Rajan. The development expressed in terms of numbers were overwhelming. The insights shared by Mr. Rajan set a new bar for the coming year!

The evening went on with Mukhabale-e-mushiyara, where our poets showcased their ‘Shayari’ talents.

Atlas is a family of IT experts, and in a family, no matter the expertise or talent, everybody becomes familiar with the peculiar personal quality of people. On the 8th foundation day, Atlas SoftWeb organized ‘Funny Awards’ to reward all those employees who make Atlas a fun place. The employees had voted for different categories. Some of the awards were – The Social Director, Super Snacker, Chatty Cathy, Neatest Nook, Angry Bird, and eight more such awards.

This was followed by a simple yet powerful mime act on excessive usage of mobile phones. Being into the IT world, we day-in and day-out are addicted to our cell phones. This mime act taught that it is necessary to gift our presence to our loved ones by putting down the mobile phones.

After having a pleasant time with different activities, the chief guest was invited to share a few words of encouragement. Professor Jaison has conducted various research programmes based on curiosity. He mentioned about his various research works in his speech. He shared that in a lifetime of a person, there is a reduction in the number of questions asked as one grows up. He had emphasized on being curious for a lifetime. After all, curiosity builds an appetite for knowledge. It was a privilege to listen to his experience. The chief guest was felicitated by our co-founders, Mr. Royson Rajan and Dr. Annie Royson.

And saving the best for the last, it was time to reward the employees for their dedication, support, and hard work. A set of activity and other work performance awards and rewards were given to the eligible staff members. The prestigious Employee of the Year trophy was bagged by Mr. Rakesh Sathawara for his outstanding performance throughout the year 2018-2019.  After the awards, Mr. Prashant Patel proposed the vote of thanks, and the night ended with a grand dinner!

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