Atlas Softweb at WordPress WordCamp Ahmedabad 2017

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The 2017 WordPress WordCamp was held in Ahmedabad on the 6th and 7th of October. This two-day event was particularly special for Atlas as it was an excellent opportunity to indulge and connect with the larger WP community. During these two days, several sessions by some of the brightest minds and experts of the WP community were conducted. The members of Atlas thoroughly enjoyed accumulating and polishing their knowledge during these enlightening sessions.

The highlight of the camp was its diversity. There were developers, students, entrepreneurs and WP enthusiasts from Gujarat and beyond participated in the camp to represent the WP community. It was a great opportunity to connect with people associated with WordPress. Many famous and budding WP companies also participated alongside Atlas. Many freshers and students approached Atlas Softweb’s stall to talk about career prospect’s, career opportunities with WP or to simply pitch a casual chit-chat about the company and team. The response and enthusiasm of the people were overwhelming for Atlas.

Atlas also conducted some fun activities to augment the excitement, lucky draw contest and selfie challenge were two of them. Participants of the lucky draw had to write their names on a chit and put in in the lucky box. Later, the lucky winner was announced and given a special gift. For the selfie challenge, participants had to click a selfie with the theme “we love WordPress” and tag Atlas Softweb on Twitter. The best selfie was selected and the winner was given special goodies. Mr. Saurav Shukla interviewed Mr. Royson Rajan, CEO Atlas Softweb where he talked about his experience at WordCamp, about Atlas Softweb and several other things.

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