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On May 2, 2021, more than a year after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus pandemic a global health emergency, it was revealed that the world average for new COVID-19 cases was greater than it had been at any previous point throughout the pandemic. Although vaccinations have been made available in many countries, new cases have increased dramatically, resulting in disastrous scenarios in India, Brazil, Turkey, and Iran.

Economic restrictions, a shortage of testing kits and vaccines, a lack of infrastructure, and a shortage of skilled medical workers to give immunizations are among the issues at hand. New, more lethal strains of the virus have emerged, adding to the difficulty.

In India, the 2nd wave of the pandemic impacted the frontline workers the most. Hence, Atlas Foundation, a CSR wing of Atlas SoftWeb, launched the Atlas Covid Care initiative for COVID-19 & families whose earning had been affected by the lockdown. 

Free Midday Meals for COVID warriors 

As a part of Atlas Covid Care Initiative, on May 15, June 5, and on June 12, 2021, offered MidDay Meals to COVID warriors in and around V S Hospital, Ahmedabad. We tied up with the Captain Cook team that offers freshly cooked home meals. 

These COVID Warriors included Sanjivni cab & ambulance drivers, emergency ground medical staff members, and some destitute. Sanjivani and 108 ambulance drivers work 24×7 offering emergency transfer of Covid-19 patients, saving lives of thousands. They barely get time to grab a meal and have no fixed work timings to get fresh home food. 

In general, the feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. They were so happy. They said that “We see people doing similar meals for patients and relatives, but rarely do people come to serve us.” 

On other days, we served free midday meals to COVID patients’ attendees and medical ground staff. One lady blessed our team, saying, “May God bless you that you are able to give more such meals.” The expressions of thankfulness and the words of blessings touched our hearts immensely. It took less than 15 minutes to dish out the meals to over 100 people, and we were saddened that we could not cater to more people.

The endnote was touching, with a gentleman offering his meal to a lady who could not grab one for herself. Humanity exists, and we are all a part of it.

Groceries for Families 

The daily-wage earners and migrant workers were the most hit due to the lockdown. They lost their jobs and, as a result, faced difficulties in feeding their families. 

Atlas Foundation identified 60 such families in the outskirts between Ahmedabad and Mehsana who are daily wage earners and have lost their complete income during this lockdown.  

We have offered these families groceries that would cover them for a month. By offering this, we hope that it would make them stress-free and they could search for jobs meanwhile. 

About Atlas Foundation – Time To Give Back To The Community: 

Every year, it makes it a point to do some charity work by going to orphanages, nursing homes, host dinners for people, etc. Atlas Academy was one such initiative. It was started to train people for good job opportunities at an affordable price. It also gives out grants to colleges to travel and present their papers in other states. The grant covers domestic travel for students. Called the Atlas Research Travel Grant, this year it was awarded to IIT Gandhinagar students.

This year was also about helping COVID warriors with free meals and groceries. Atlas Foundation aims to make a difference in people’s lives through various such activities in the future. Together, let’s make every effort to help people in need. 

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