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Atlas SoftWeb believes in 3Ps - People, Projects and Processes. We are a people centric company that is driven by projects and supported by processes. We collaborate with small, medium and enterprise level brands to create a top notch digital experience.

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It’s been years since Atlas stared as a startup company. Atlas, a website development company was established with one motto, to create web presence for brands and companies by using creativity & technology. As years rolled down, many things changed; new technologies came up, new people joined our company, new working methods were adopted, competition increased, but what didn’t change was our motto. With every passing year Atlas has learned, adapted and grown into a successful brand that it is today. We are your website development company, which provides the best solutions that are backed up with a competitive price base.

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At Atlas, we believe that everyone despite their nationality, should be benefited by technology and that every person with a dream should be provided with tools to conquer their dreams. Our logo also symbolizes the same sentiment. There are 3 elements in our logo - the outer ring of position + a + globe. We bring business to internet through websites, ecommerce, internet marketing and position them for a global business.

Atlas Logo Journey - Logo Designing

Color Palette

Atlas Logo Colour Selection Explained - Logo Design

Logo Black and White

Black & White Atlas Logo - Logo Design


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atlas logo brand

We understand that businesses today cannot succeed with a strong online presence. A website in today’s world is a window to the company’s soul, so this window needs to be a piece of art. Art, innovation, creativity and quality are the factors that drive us. We strongly believe that the employees working for us are not mechanical instruments but are individuals having their own life with professional and personal aspects. When our employees are driven by the above factors, excellence is sure to follow them.

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Atlas solves its client’s toughest challenges by providing unmatched services in web development, web designing, app development, branding and marketing. We do so by constantly reinventing ourselves in today’s competitive business environment. Atlas SoftWeb is not just an offshore development center, it is your extended IT development team and we are here for the long haul!

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