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Since the early days of the inception, we have striven to excel in every small step we’ve taken. Our commitment, creativity and contagious enthusiasm have helped us deliver nothing but the best to our clients. Over the years we have built strong trust and confidence in our employees, our associates and our customers.

We’re one big family!

Atlas SoftWeb has always strived to provide the best welfare programmes and policies to its employees. Having such a diverse group of people at the workplace has enabled the HRM department to build on the employee benefits and welfare programmes. These benefits have also helped in attracting and retaining the best talent in the company. Offering a competitive salary combined with benefits and perks can prove to be a win-win combination in promoting improved work habits and reducing employee turnover. These benefits drive employee engagement while providing a sense of security, encouraging workers to stay on the job, even during tough times.

Platform for Learning and Development

Learning is a never-ending process. To Learn is to Master. Atlas SoftWeb has always made opportunities available for learning and development. All employees from time to time have been provided with every reasonable opportunity to acquire the range of training, skills and experience necessary for their career development. The Company is committed to a relevant training and career development policy for all staff irrespective of background. External and Internal training sessions have been conducted and various experts have joined us in the training sessions. Several one day workshops and seminars have also been organised for the overall development of our staff. Atlas SoftWeb also sponsors employees for advanced courses and certification based on the demands of the projects.

Rewards and Recognition

Employee Recognition is one of the vital tools for Employee Motivation at work. Atlas SoftWeb too has from time to time recognised and rewarded our employees for their hard work, commitment, loyalty and performance. Employees are rewarded for their performance every week, month and on a yearly basis. A large number of awards and rewards have been achieved by our employees since Atlas’ inception.


Atlas has always believed in emphasizing the all-round development of our employees. Apart from our day to day tasks we sneak time out to celebrate special days, birthdays, picnics and other events. At Atlas, we believe that these celebrations and extracurricular activities foster a truly cohesive bonding among us. These activities encourage a stronger work ethic and also motivate our employees to go above and beyond. It becomes a great time of celebration and a time to also set ourselves free from all deadlines and pressure to give ourselves an opportunity to enjoy the efforts put in at work and to relieve our body, mind and soul to face the challenges ahead.

Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd has a well-furnished offshore development center located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. Our professionals are specialized in Open Source Technologies using PHP and MYSQL, Business Development, Business Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance, Administrations, Accounts, Human Resources and more. Our development center has been spread over an area of 2800 sq feet with all tools and equipment required for our professionals to work with full dedication.

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