Another successful Digital Marketing Campaign for BTech Admissions 2020

btech admission 2021 campaign

As the curtains go down for BTech Admissions in the Institute of Technology, Nirma University for the 2020-2021 year, Atlas SoftWeb had yet another successive year to celebrate with admissions targets achieved through its Digital Marketing activities. Despite all odds, pandemic crisis, and uncertainty of JEE Exams, Atlas SoftWeb has successfully achieved another record of admissions for Bachelors in Technology and Masters in Technology programmes.

Image: One of the creative ads prepared for the digital marketing campaign.

BTech is a four years full time engineering programme that offers specialization in Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communications, Instrumentation and Control and Mathematics and Humanities. Nirma University offers all of these specializations and has a total of 946 seats of which 526 ACPC seats, 294 All India seats and 126 NRI/NRI Sponsored seats. 

Atlas SoftWeb has been working on the Digital Marketing Campaigns for these programs since 2019 and this was the second consecutive year of its engagement with students and the university. The campaign has yielded 42.11% increase in applications in the year 2019 compared to the year 2018 and 22.53% in the year 2020 compared to 2018. 

Technology and Innovation is changing the face of the market today, its products, services along with behaviour patterns of customers. Atlas understands all this and uses research, analytics and creativity to gain deeper understanding to form digital marketing strategies. We have a team of digital marketers who are experts in search engine optimization, social media marketing, Pay-Per-Click advertising, Email marketing, content marketing, and data analytics. 

digital marketing for admission
Image: Screenshot of one of the keywords ranked on Page #1 ,

Our digital marketing services helped to gain an average search result in top 10 listings for popular and unique keyword searches on the major search engines for the Institute of Technology, Nirma University. Together with ITNU staff, Atlas SoftWeb analysts were able to assess which prospective students applied online and enrolled as a direct result of organic and paid search activities, by using the number of applicants and enrolment figures as a measure for performance. We then monetize the data to determine a return on the investment of the client. As a matter of fact, our Digital marketing strategy helped in admissions that was record breaking compared to the trend seen over the last three years. Read more about this through our case study

digital marketing services
Image: One of the creative ads prepared for the digital marketing campaign.

Digital marketing is the next big thing for Universities. Why? 

About 90.4% of millennials use social media platforms. So, even if half of those are your potential students, you have already won half of the battle!

digital marketing for admissions 2021
Image: One of the creative ads prepared for the digital marketing campaign.

Why is digital marketing for the education industry important? 

Boost Brand Awareness: It makes it easy for you to reach out to your target audience through various channels and strategies. 

Prompt Services: Interact and communicate with potential students, answer their queries and concerns to remain on top of their university list. Remember, Millenials are a step ahead, and so you have to be too! 

Cost Effective: Online marketing services cost you less than traditional marketing strategies.

High conversion rates: Digital marketing services help you gain a higher response rate. 

The education sector has emerged as a leader in the digital marketing industry. Digital marketing services help schools, colleges and universities develop their unique identity and facilitate the process of admissions. Hire digital marketers at Atlas SoftWeb today!

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