Advantages of Magento 2 Training

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The fundamentals of Magento 2 is to make all the Magento developers learn to know the need of Magento basics, provide more practical experience and help them to get the certification. This is because market needs more certified and experienced developers. Magento 2 Training is not just about teaching theory and applying that theory into practical mode. It is about taking up all the challenges coming across developing a Magento based application in day to day life.
The reason to start Magento 2 training is Magento developer Boot Camp which consists of three segments. All three factors given below are very important: –
1. Basics of Magento 2 are on-demand: – Initially this program is designed as a six-unit course. Each unit consists of solid architecture and solid framework. This helps to develop your skills of working with Magento module and give ideas to customize Magento 2. Each unit takes 6-8 hours, giving you a complete idea of every aspect of Magento.

2. Classroom add-on to the fundamentals of Magento 2 Development: – This aspect includes classroom course that includes the basics of Magento, and putting all the theoretical knowledge into practice. The starting is with the quick revision of primary and crucial topics and then coming to the practical facet of developing.

3. The evaluation process: – This is the process of auditing your knowledge of whatever you have learned in the classroom. This also includes the inspection of your practical applications and development skills.

Those who have completed the training of Magento 1.x can opt for Magento 2 training. This will help to enhance their practical skills of development and can easily endorse the on-demand portion. It will be very easy and useful, as the developers are already familiar with the basics from the initial course.

According to Miss Sonia Park the director of “Eguana Commerce”, the learning of Magento 2 course is important as M2 architecture and development skills are not found on internet. Also you will not find PHP-storm features essential for M2 development anywhere else along with this much practical knowledge. Plus, you cannot get all the answers to your queries on internet. And last but not the least, you can have huge network of classmates to discuss.