Social Responsibility Commitment

Green Atlas

We are committed to social uplifting and ecofriendly work environment. Atlas has several social awareness initiatives undertaken along with our routine work.

Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd works with the belief of working towards the well being of the Society. We have always tried to be a part of all the social activities and also be eco friendly. The best ways we could be committed and make the society a better place for tomorrow are:

Green Atlas

  • Go Paperless
  • We believe in going Paperless. Therefore we are committed towards the act of saving trees. Hence, all our business communications are paperless. We communicate via emails, skype, phone. We send e-agreements, e-invoices. Our team uses white board for group discussions and believes in print free environment.

  • Educational Support
  • We know and believe that Education is the most important thing for a good living. Hence we support good cause of education. As an initiative, we support and fund students for engineering and business administrational vocational courses. We believe that right to education is the best way to support the welfare of the society.

  • Support NGO and Orphanage
  • We are connected to the NGO and Orphanage where we help the needy. We spend time with children in orphanage and try our best to make this world a better place to live.

  • Go Green
  • Every year, we plant trees and beautiful indoor plants during our foundation day. This brings our team close to our mother nature.