Our Team

Atlas Team

Atlas Soft Web Pvt Ltd has been co-founded by Mr. Royson Rajan and Ms. Annie Rachel Royson. Mr. Royson has worked ceaselessly to ensure the vision and mission of Atlas SoftWeb are achieved. He believes in the fact that a company can succeed only if its customers and staff are equally satisfied. Balancing this equation is very important and the key for steady and successful growth. In order to achieve this goal, he is supported by a team of Executive Committee members who are our companies strengthening Pillars.

  • Royson Rajan Founder

  • Annie Rachel Royson Operation In Charge

  • Annamma Rajan Management Head

  • Prashant Patel Chief Technical Officer

  • Ishan Contractor Vice President

  • Elvin Mclean Chief Web Officer

  • Bejini Sajan Chief People Officer