About Us

What is Atlas SoftWeb?

It's a name that has gained a lot of reputation over the years. It's a brand that started as a start up and is growing each day. It's an agency that has its expertise in web design, development and internet marketing with stunning results.

Atlas SoftWeb is not just an offshore development center, it is your extended IT development team.

How do our Customers remember Atlas SoftWeb?

They call us Navy Seals. When it comes to web development and code fixing, we CRUSH IT. Watch the video, we are inspired by it!



During these years, we have proved our expertise. Our motto is to maintain a balance between social and work life. We strongly believe that the employees working for us are not mechanical instruments but are the individuals having their own life with professional and personal aspects.

What we do

We create web presence for brands and companies by using creativity & technology. We are your web development company

  • Web Designing and Development Company

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    Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd was formed in 2011, is an expert offshore web design company located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat – India. The company brings to you distinctive and professional services like web designing, web development and online marketing with a blend of creativity, innovation and technology.

  • Creativity, Innovation and Technology

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    Over the years we have built strong trust and confidence in our customers. They know that working with Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd is equivalent to working with an in-house IT team that is committed in delivering winning solutions custom tailored to the organizational needs. Our expert designers bring in modern designs and creativity on the drawing board, while our developers convert their ideas into reality. Our management team adds more to the entire solution making process with new and innovative ideas and out of the box thoughts that enables our customers to stand out in the online world.

  • Coding & Development

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    This is where our ideas become visible. We’ll collaborate with you on a number of creative routes, producing content and designing iteratively so that you can see our direction at all times.

  • Our Story

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    The founder of Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd formed the company in 2011 with an initial strength of 2 people and an investment of USD 500. With few a few in this business, Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd has grown in leaps & bounds delivering potential, viable and winning solutions to its customers across the atlas with commitment, dedication and hard work. Today we stand proud as a team of expert professionals.

  • Company Mission

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    To be a preferred IT partner for our clients and a second family for our employees.

  • Company Overview

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    Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd is an innovative and expert web design company driven with creativity, commitment and business processes. The energetic, talented and highly experienced experts efficiently use technology to deliver the best high end websites and internet marketing solutions to our customers. The entire Atlas SoftWeb Pvt Ltd team works on the 3C principles – Collaboration, Communication and Customer Satisfaction. At Atlas SoftWeb, the team is committed to offer cost effective and high productive solutions to its customers for better results.

Meet The Team

Royson Rajan


He is the founding member of Atlas. Ever since the company was formed, he has nurtured it. Cleaning all the garbage, presenting sparklingly polished deliverables and listening to our customers desires is his passion

A gold medalist in Computer Engineering from Nirma University of Science and Technology, awarded as the Best Alumni Entreprenuer 2014, having an eye for creative design, he has left no stone unturned when it comes to writing success stories for Atlas SoftWeb.

Annie Rachel Royson

Operation In Charge

An eagles eye for perfection, an encourager, she has been the source of inspiration for us all throughout. She is responsible for employee welfare and satisfaction.

A research scholar at IIT, a gold medalist in Humanities – English from University of Pune, She spends her time in her thesis, However she carves out time for the over all welfare of the company and its staff. She motivates and encourages and plays key role in business management.

Annamma Rajan

Management Head

Seasoned company management and accounting with over 30+ years of professional experience in company adminsitration
When it comes to $$$, she is awesome in managing it.

She is never a miser, gives the best to the staff and charges most optimum to our valuable customers. She is incharge of timely invoicing and making sure that funds are well maintained.

Prashant Patel

Chief Technical Officer

My Journey with Atlas started in February 2014, as a Senior Programmer. In the same year I got promoted as a Technical Head and have completed 2.6 years here at Atlas. I believe in not just acquiring knowledge and skills but also improving it and upgrading myself from time to time. My thirst for this achievement got me to Atlas.

From a Senior programmer to a technical head and today I have been promoted as the Chief Technical Officer of Atlas SoftWeb. I personally believe that a company is successful because of its employees and Atlas ensures that all the employees get the best out of the organisation.

Ishan Contractor

Vice President

I started my career with Atlas as an intern in 2012 and today I work as the Vice President of this organisation. The interview with the CEO was the main reason for my joining Atlas. The friendly approach with which the interview was taken attracted me to this organisation.

Atlas is a company with positive vibes, a system with complete transparency of policies and procedures, and zero politics. These are the key features of Atlas and today where I stand, I feel glad of the decision I had taken 4 years ago. Today I am more committed and dedicated and a thorough professional because of Atlas.

Elvin Mclean

Chief Web Officer

I joined Atlas family in April 2014 as a Magento Developer. Life at Atlas has been truly special. To explain in simple terms – it is, work while you work and play while you play. Working here at Atlas, helped me get a very good exposure to my work. Due to this exposure, I got promoted as a Chief Web Officer in September 2016.

Atlas has been an organization where things are very straight and simple. All employees here are valued equally. We have great form of support in our Boss in all aspects whether professional or personal, which helps us in our overall development here at Atlas. Today, looking back, Atlas has developed me as a career oriented professional.

Bejini Sajan

Chief People Officer

My Journey with Atlas started in April 2015, as an HR Officer. I chose Atlas because I did hear it is a great place to work. Life in Atlas has been really good, it was in fact a roller coaster ride. Managing the HR/admin activities for a staff of 40+ was a great learning experience.

At Atlas, we have and follow the horizontal hierarchy approach. Everyone here is treated well and everybody’s opinion here matters.

Today when I look back, I feel proud of taking the decision of joining Atlas two years ago, from joining as an HR Officer to being promoted as the Chief People Officer, the journey here has truly been very fruitful.

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Satisfied customers.

Over the years we have worked with many customers and are product that we are able to retain majority of them. This speaks for our customer satisfaction level.