99% of Advertising Doesn’t Sell a Thing

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99% of Advertising Doesn’t Sell a Thing

A man has unlimited wishes and desires. Desires, no matter how practical or unrealistic, is a powerful driving force. A desire is produced and the man works towards fulfilling this desire. In working towards this direction, man has to work under two constraints. Firstly, he has unlimited desires and secondly, he has limited money income. He has to pay in order to fulfill his desires. Desire is a moving vehicle whereas rationality is the navigator. How can the man fulfill his desires with maximum satisfaction and minimum cost are based on his rationality and whenever his wallet is targeted, man tends to be rational. Advertising in this scenario tries to derail you from your track. It tries to create unnecessary, unwanted and extra desires.

Advertisements are everywhere and they are attention seekers. Advertisements play with your brain, it is as if they can smell vulnerability. You want to be fit but also love good food, there’s an ad trying to sell “healthy noodles”. You are having a hard time finding dates, there’s a perfume commercial claiming to attract people. They are literally everywhere and obstructing you in everything. You are trying to focus on the road, there’s a hoarding with a beautiful model trying to grab attention. You are enjoying your favorite music online and there’s someone trying to sell you best travel deals. Advertisements obstruct and annoy people and one something is tagged as annoying, it loses importance.

People look at advertisements throughout the day, but they rarely pay attention. We attend to something only when we see that there’s something in return for us. Something of use or something of interest and with the huge number of products and commercials out there, we tend to associate value and interest to a small number. Moreover, a rational man is fully aware that a commercial delivers only the pros of a product and all the cons are concealed by the glitterati. Commercials show all the amazing benefits (real or imaginary) their product may deliver and scrap out the ill effects and bootless aspects and the rational consumer is well aware of their “genuineness”.

In addition, due to the past history of unsatisfactory and undesired results, a rational man has become immune to smarmy advertising. Word of mouth and experience prove to be more fruitful than advertising. An advertisement which fails to deliver a direct message makes absurd claims and which are overshadowed by creative visuals and beautiful people; are able to only entertain people and not convince them. “Fairness in a week?” yes there are some starry-eyed who will believe that but for many, it’s just a hoax.

Advertisements no matter how fancy and creative, do not deliver what the consumers actually want and desire. They want the consumer to desiderate their product by showcasing it as the most rewarding object and in this quest, they exaggerate and make it very decorative and thus, lose the main purpose of satisfying the consumer’s want. 99 percent of advertising doesn’t sell because 99 percent of people are smart!

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