8 ECommerce SEO Guidelines for 2022 From Google Expert

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Ecommerce SEO is the practice of optimising your website for the search engines such as Google to increase traffic and visibility. It can generate thousands of visitors to your site every month.

Alan Kent, Developer Advocate at Google has shared 8 basic yet essential tips on eCommerce SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a major part of being successful online. It can have a huge impact on your conversions, rankings, click-through rate, and ultimately profits.

Here are 8 ECommerce SEO 2022 Guidelines From Google Expert

1. Technical SEO Fundamentals

It is essential to follow technical SEO best practices, such as permitting Google to crawl your website. Google Search Console will assist you in determining the technical shortcomings of your website. It shows the range of technical issues that your website has and needs to get addressed.

Furthermore, verify that your page titles include the brand name, product colour, and type of product. Make sure to mention structured knowledge on your product’s website. You will get additional solutions on all such issues from Google Search Central as well.

2. Consider Content Breadth

Consider making certain that you have content that is functionally based on the various stages of the shopping journey. From current concepts to reviews, classes, and more. Ideas are more general, but category pages are more specific. Providing reviews and detailed information for a couple of product categories may assist some buyers in the early stages.

It is important to offer necessary resources to the shoppers to boost your website’s reputation and recognition. Consider looking for Search Console performance reports to learn if your site is doing well or not.

In simple words, create a unique and effective content strategy to get a higher ranking in search traffic than your competitors.

3. Markup Product Variants Pages

Each product variant should have a unique URL that corresponds to the question parameters, and only one variant should be canonical.

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4. Preserve Deal URLs

Deal or sale URLs must be saved so that you can reuse the same URL in your sales pages. Update all the event pages before each event with the recent offers but maintain the page’s presence in the Google indexes all year.

5. eCommerce Website Performance

Performance of web pages matters for each user experience. Users are concerned a lot about how fast the page is, and Google ranks based on Core Web Vitals. The page loading speed can be a factor in deciding which pages rank first in search results.

Alan recommended PageSpeed Insights as a useful tool to get reports for examining the performance of your web page. It identifies the issues and provides some recommendations to address those issues. However, you can use Google Analytics to do so.

6. Be Patient

Alan stated that search engine marketing is a lengthy process, that some ranking alerts may take months to have an impact on, and that you may not see results. Until then, look for ways to develop your visitors through various marketing channels such as social media, email newsletters, marketing campaigns, etc.

7. Experts’ Advice about eCommerce SEO

If you’re still not getting the results you want after following all of these SEO tips, prefer expert SEO advice. But be careful of scams and going against Google’s guidelines.

8. Users

The ultimate aim of Google search is to provide the best content for the users searching. Google Algorithms change over time, but the main objective doesn’t. Hence, consider the users first rather than the Google search results.

Make your content strategy considering your users’ searches. You can use Google Trends to know what the customers are currently looking for. With textual content, ensure to have visual content such as images and videos on your eCommerce website.

Key Takeaways

It is important to make your eCommerce website SEO-friendly by modifying your SEO strategy as per the requirements of your website. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to offer relevant content to the user. For more consultation know more about our ecommerce SEO service or contact us now.

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